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Beautiful words about football

 The most beautiful thing said about football

Football is the opera that all humans perform. You won't be as tired when you attack as when you chase the ball. Football would be better if we invented a ball that would allow us to hit players we don't need on the field. Some people think that football is a matter of life and death; Unfortunately, this makes me sad, she is much more than that. In football, everything is complicated as long as there is an opponent.

Words from some footballers

I love replayed football matches, so I can root for the winning team from the start. Things are not clear cut in the world of football today, and many people are aware of this. Without football, my life is worthless. There is no point in making predictions, there is no point in speculating; Because nothing is set in stone and things change all the time in football. There are opportunities today that no one knows if they will present themselves again in the future. I don't play football to win the Ballon d'Or, I play football to be happy, because I love it and I want to play football. My father always told me that I loved football more than playing football. Since I was little, I have always been good at this, cutting up the furniture in the house. This is how I see football - fun and dynamic - and. that beats me. This is taken from Characteristics of Brazilian Football. Thank you for teaching me how to read football. Football is a breathing space that allows a fragmented nation to unite around a common cause. At one point I was crying because I didn't have shoes to play soccer with my friends, and one day I saw a man without feet. That's when I realized how rich I was. This is how I scored a goal against Czechoslovakia. I threw the ball hard towards the goal, without thinking but consciously.

Sports proverbs and proverbs

The important thing is not to win, but to play. If the loser smiles, he deprives the winner of the joy of winning. Don't make football a burden on you and play it for fun. The ball has to be kicked and your mind has to think, so don't confuse them. You don't have to be an athlete, the important thing is to exercise. Sport shapes every slim body. Sport is the factory of rational people. On the rock of sport, all desires are destroyed. a healthy mind in a healthy body. A happy heart is one that is active all day long. Movement is life. Finding good players is very simple, but the hardest part is getting them to play together.

Sports motivation phrases

Do not live in dreams and illusions, but start working to achieve your goals. Exercising not only increases the activity of the body, but also increases the degree of alertness and concentration of the mind, so that everything runs smoothly. The only exercise you should regret is the one you didn't do. Fitness is a slow process, so don't despair and continue on the same path without stopping. Will is like the muscles of the body. The more you train and exercise it, the stronger it becomes. He who does not fail will not succeed. You can fail if you take risks, but you will definitely fail if you don't take risks. A dream is just a dream, but a goal is a dream that has a plan and a deadline to achieve it. A man is someone who knows that he is defeated and can delve into the depths of his soul and extract additional strength to win the match. Gold medals are not made of gold, but rather of sweat, will and, above all, ability to compete. The more difficult the victory, the greater the joy of victory. Nothing is impossible, it's still a long way away. With fighting spirit and patriotic spirit, we will reach the international level. Winning is difficult for men. Our beloved stars, entertain us with the art of the game. I hope everything works out for the best and you find it. When a man wants to kill a tiger, he calls it sport, and when a tiger wants to kill him, he calls it ferocity. Always play to win, whether in training or in a real match. Remember that any winning player, no matter how magnificent their victory, will not always be able to win in the same way.